• BonnetandMain

Tasty sandwiches, strong coffee and a comfy place to work in Manchester Vermont!

The new fall menu is in full swing here at Bonnet and Main, and includes fabulous coffee flavors from Equal Exchange, the REAL DEAL #PSL (read on for more), and delicious breakfast and lunch options.

One of our biggest fan favorites is the Slap your Pappy, a Turkey & Cheddar with Jalepeno BBQ, Bacon & Classic Slaw on a Kaiser roll. This isn't your average turkey sammie! Give it a try on your next visit.

About that Latte! The real deal PSL was born out of our very own #VSCO girl (LOL) family member and her passion for everything PSL. Well, at Bonnet & Main, the traditional coffee house syrup-flavored Pumpkin Spice Latte wasn't cutting it for our Barista team and founders Suzanne and Fiona. So, we worked to create the real deal PSL—yes, it's blended and flavored with real pumpkin. We aren't messing around here! Your taste buds and need for caffeine will thank you!

Until next time, drink local coffee, eat local food! See you at Bonnet & Main in Manchester Vermont.

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